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Promotional Talking Five-function Digital Pedometer

Use this Promotional Talking Five-function Digital Pedometer to show that you care about your customers' health. This custom promotional product is also great for keeping track of the success of your promotional campaign!





Your talking pedometer is unlike other pedometers, it doesn't have to stay clipped to your waistband. Built-in "G-Sensor" uses gravity to count steps, so you can put it in your pocket, bag, or purse. The 10-Step Random Movement Filter improves accuracy by eliminating false step counts due to unintentional body movements. The pedometer counts number of steps, exercise time elapsed, distance traveled (mi/km), calories burned, time of day, and announces these stats out loud so you can keep moving!

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Please note that there is a $250 minimum order or lowest quantity listed - whichever is greater.


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